What is All of the Hype About?

15 Apr

I was in Soho last week and I couldn’t help but notice a huge crowd surrounding Topshop. When I walked up to the door, the man said I had to wait on a line that went around the block…to get into the store.

Yeah….Topshop isn’t that great.

And no…I don’t wait on line to look in a store, especially a chain store.

This is in fact ridiculous but the absurdities do not end there.

Wow. This is really worth waiting for...

Wow. This is really worth waiting for...

According to the website TheFrisky.com:

“Topshop’s New York City opening was a really popular event, but it wasn’t as popular as the long queue of impatient fashionistas would suggest. Topshop hired some nightclub bouncer-esque security to limit the number of people who could enter the store at any given time, making the line grow longer and longer. In fact, sometimes, it appeared that no one was in the shop, but people were still kept waiting in line. According to Page Six, this was all a publicity stunt, and Topshop wanted to appear even more popular than it already was. A few of us went to Topshop last Friday, nine days after the store opened on April 2, and we also had to wait in line to enter the store. They were only admitting people in groups, and when we entered the shop we saw that it was crowded, not by people, but by too many clothing racks (filled with overrated, overpriced crap, not counting Amelia’s sweet blue high heels).”

Also, to top things off, Topshop scion Sir Phillip Green as well as Kate Moss flew by private jet to the opening. They also paid outrageously high fees to have Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez to make an appearance, according to a source.


Photo: The Fashion Spot


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