The Real Burger Heaven..

9 Jun



The Famous Cozy Soup and Burger is definitely worth trying. I stopped at this cute little diner today (right before my trip to Strand, where I picked up an amazing Marilyn bio for .48 cents!) and ordered a bacon cheeseburger deluxe. There are literally about 33 burgers on the menu, including The Cowboy (served with baked beans) and The Hawaiian (pineapples,etc). I have to say, it was probably the freshest burger I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It seemed as if the meat was grounded fresh right in the kitchen. The steak fries were amazing and the cole slaw in the little dingy paper cup was even good. Although a bit pricey (about $12 for the deluxe), once you get the “jumbo” burger you can see why. You do pay about $6 for a #2 at McDonalds…

FYI: I’m obsessed with all things old-school NYC and I didn’t know about this place. Alf (yes, that Alf) has even eaten at this diner, according to the owners. Hmmm…


One Response to “The Real Burger Heaven..”

  1. mk June 10, 2009 at 12:32 am #

    LOL. tasty treats!

    where is this place?

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