Beautiful Life

10 Feb

I’m obsessed with make-up but I’m not as compulsive with it as I used to be. Meaning, I do not go to CVS with my paycheck and buy random mascaras and nail polishes like I did when I was in high school. As I grew up, I started to stick to products that never let me down. Most importantly, I started diligently taking care of my skin. I didn’t realize how much I abused it (sleeping in make-up, exfoliating a lot with St. Ives, wearing crap foundation…). It’s cool to experiment with eyeshadow and lipsticks but I think the core items should be nurturing and good for you.

Today, as I was cleaning my room (what else do you do in a middle of a blizzard?), I’m inspired to write about my favorite products. Here they are and please let me know what yours are. Perhaps it will inspire me even further to write about those!

Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser, $4,

This cleanser was phased out of drugstores but I found it on Amazon and it’s so much cheaper.  It’s kept my skin really clear and it’s never drying or greasy.

Dr. Perricone Advanced Eye Area Therapy, $95,

When I was first introduced to this product about 4 years ago, it really scared me. I thought because it was “advanced” that it would be too strong for my young skin and burn it. This is so gentle and packed with anti-oxidants and vitamin c.

Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer, $6.50,

This is really light, so it’s ideal to put under make-up. It also has light-reflecting particles to give a pretty glow and it’s oil-free.

Lisa Hoffman Vitamin A and C Serum, $95,

I recently started using this. It’s not for oily types but for someone like me who wants a little something extra in this drying weather.

Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment, $2.19,

This may not have the most exciting package but it’s the best balm out there when your lips are cracked and the smelly stuff won’t do.

NYC Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers, $4, Target stores

This is my cheap thrill! I nixed the tweezers (although they are really not that bad) but I adore the powder. It’s not the least bit red like most brow powders.

L'oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner, $8, Target stores

This has a really smooth application and can be used inside the water line and on your lids. Now all L’oreal needs to do is come out with a waterproof version.

Fresh Supernova Mascara, $25,

Anyone who knows me personally can contest that I’ve tried basically every mascara on the market. This is the best one because it really gives the most voluminous look and you don’t kill your lashes every time you use it.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, $19,

I’ve been using this forever. Nothing can replace it. You really don’t get the hype until you try it.

Smith's Rosebud Salve, $6,

It’s your lips but better. I haven’t met a person that it doesn’t look good on.

MAC Lipstick in Politely Pink, $18.50,

Most “baby” pink lipsticks are too silver/white/shimmery but this is perfect. I have tubes of it all over my room.

Benefit Benetint Lip Balm, $20,

If you are experimenting with red lips but are scared to go all the way, you should try this first. You can even apply it without a mirror.

Tarte Bronzer, $28,

A bronzer that is great for your skin and looks good. No wonder why it’s always sold out.

Nars Blush in Orgasm, $26,

A no-brainer. It never looks fake and you only need a little.


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