A Sweet Treat

22 Feb

Clockwise from top: The interior of Sweetiepie, some of the deserts that they offer, the old-school bar.

I’m dying to eat at Sweetiepie in Greenwich Village. It’s a colorful restaurant where one can sit in a birdcage with 5 friends and order a LeRoy salad, a cool take on a Cobb salad, which was inspired by the childhood of owner Julie Janklow. Her L.A. childhood consisted of daily dinners at old-school institutions such as Brown Derby and the Fountain Coffee Shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel because her mother was not a good cook. Sweetiepie was born out of necessity. She felt there was a lack of a “magical space” to take her son out to. Not only is there the birdcage but fun murals are also on the wall as well as posh leather booths. The food is hearty, think Macaroni and Cheese, Tuna Decker Sandwiches and pancakes for dinner. But the deserts and well-stocked bar are the real stars of the show. The Sweetiepig consists of 18 scoops of ice cream, which is meant to be enjoyed with others (hopefully) and their signature drink, The Sweetiepie, is a mix champagne, St.Germain and pomegranate. Now that’s my kind of drink.

Sweetiepie is located on 19 Greenwich Avenue in NYC.


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