The RGRS’ Ultimate Guide to Resort

2 Jul

I went through all of the resort looks so you didn’t have to. Here are the some of my favorite RGRS picks:

ALBERTA FERRETTI, LOOK #11: The most beautiful wedding dress I've ever seen. If you're curvy, getting married any time soon and have money, this will look incredible. The waterfall detailing in the back is gorgeous!

ALICE + OLIVIA, #10: The green fur is not for everyone but I just couldn't resist. Would look amazing at a holiday party with a cocktail ring and cigarette pants.

ALICE + OLIVIA, #16: This off the shoulder blouse is so effortless. With the pants, this is ultimate in boho glam. I'm certain Cher would have worn this in the 70's.

ANNA SUI, #10: The perfect LWD. Can picture this on the boardwalk eating a colorful ice cream cone!

LANVIN, #31: I'm obsessed with Lanvin's illustrated tees. They are so youthful yet are sophisticated in their own right.

MIU MIU, #4: Fruit pants!


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