Four New Albums That You Need to Have Right Now!

22 Jul

There are always a bunch of releases during the summer months but it can get overwhelming when you are trying to decide what to actually put on to your playlist. Here are my personal picks for the summer that I guarantee will become your favorites as well:

1) MAYA/M.I.A.

I loved M.I.A. when I first heard “Jimmy” at a Chloe show. “Boyz” preceded and then of course, “Paper Planes” which was made famous by the hilarious movie “Pineapple Express”. It was only natural that I was anticipating the latest release by M.I.A. titled MAYA. The tracks are eclectic to say the least but despite signature electronic vocal sound effects, tracks such as “Story to be Told” display almost a sweet sound, exhibiting a vocal talent. “Lovealot” is quiet but is loud when it comes to political statements. Overall, a trippy dance album.

Fave Track: “XXXO” is on constant rotation on my Ipod. It’s really catchy!
Made For… when you are going to stay out all night dancing in a dark club in NYC.

2) Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans/Uffie

Definitely one of my favorite albums of the summer, Uffie is a fun rapper while maintaining her hipster edge. Uffie has been on the scene for years. This is her debut album but her music became a hit through, wait for it…. MySpace. “Pop the Glock” is perhaps the strongest track and has been on the club circuit since 2005, when she wrote the track with her then-boyfriend DJ Feadz. With production from the most promising indie dance names based in Paris (Mr. Oizo, Sebastian), this is a guaranteed hit for the summer!

Fave Track: “MCs Can Kiss” is a throwback to the fun hip-hop jams of the 80’s.
Great For… driving to Queen in a little black Mercedes drop top in Paris.

3)Bionic/Christina Aguilera

In my opinion, Aguilera’s fourth studio album blows “Back to Basics” away. It’s her strongest dance effort of her career and if you’ve heard “Not Myself Tonight”, I’m sure you would agree. X-tina gets it all out of her system in the first part of the album with all fast paced songs ushered in by the electro-pop title track. The fun practically stops after the R&B tinged “Prima Donna”, where the songs get a bit dull with ballads through the end.

Fave Track: “Elastic Love” is a different sound for Christina without being alienating.
Great for…prepping for a date.


This is a very different sound than what I’ve come to expect from someone as raunchy such as Kelis (“In Public” anyone?). This album is really not sexual in nature at all but rather uplifting and positive. Kelis has been through a lot. She divorced rapper Nas and gave birth to a baby boy, all while going to another record label. She’s one of my favorite artists ever and extremely underrated. (I dare you to sit still while listening to any of her past releases). This may not be her most exciting effort, but it’s intelligent and shows that Kelis has a broad scope and vision when it comes to her craft.

Fave Track: “Acapella” is a smooth tune that talks a bit about Nas.
Great For…words of wisdom.


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