The September Issue

16 Aug

I’ve never met anyone more obsessed with magazines than myself. I’ve received them as presents and I’d rather buy a French Vogue than the newest dress from H&M. Over the years magazines have made me a bit nervous though. The advertising wasn’t there and some editorials were questionable. My worries diminished when I bought the September issue of Vogue this month. I have to admit, during the “Issue” era, I started to lose faith in what was once my favorite magazine in the world. There was one too many cheap chic stories (bad economy) and September Issue madness for me to handle. I felt like Vogue just wasn’t the same.

I sat wide-eyed on the train, flipping the pages, amazed by how gorgeous the editorials really were. I felt like it was the 90’s again. It wasn’t condescending yet it stayed true to it’s luxurious roots. I think the return of legendary stylist Camilla Nickerson and Vogue Italia regular Steven Meisel definitely helps. And the cover…absolutely gorgeous!!!

Here are some sneak peaks:

Usher in Tom Ford.

Designer Reed Karkoff's daughter's adorable room!

The beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi.

Performance artist Nick Cave scares us in a good way.

An editorial shot by Steven Meisel.

And my personal favorite...again by Steven Meisel.


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