Beauty Advisor Featuring Erika Hardison

30 Aug

I’m fortunate enough to constantly be around fascinating and creative people. So imagine my excitement that my first exclusive RGRS interview is with make-up artist Erika Hardison.

Erika is no stranger to shock value. I met her about 4 years ago when she was doing make-up on all walks of life. Her signature was bright shadows and party looks but she also mastered the natural look on clients who prefered that. We both had an obsession with false eyelashes and major mascaras such as Dior Show. Her larger than life personality was refreshing, especially in a world that embraced Juicy sweatsuits and when lipgloss was considered a full face of make-up.

Fast forward to 2010. Erika has worked with The Source, America’s Next Top Model contestants and D.A.M. Magazine among others.Her newest venture is her website Fabulize Magazine, an e-zine that features Erika’s beauty advice, inspirations and tip-offs on happenings going on in the cosmetics world. I spoke to Erika about her must have items, how to apply bright shadow without looking like a clown and the ultimate RGRS products. Also, check out the beautiful pictures of Erika’s work!

You’re the ultimate RGRS when it comes to your makeup. What are
your five personal favorite “can’t live without products?”

Being that I’m always on the go, I need beauty products that can
make me look like I’m ready for the runway but which I can also apply on the subway. I like to use the Nars Multiple sticks (my favorite is Copacabana), Lancome lipgloss, MAC eyeliner in Engraved, Nars Duo blush/bronzer in Lovejoy/Albatross and Smashbox mascara.

The beauty market seems to be oversaturated these days. Are there any products you discovered recently that could change someone’s life (or less dramatically, their routine)?

Moisturizer and eyecreams. I cringe when I see women wear full-face makeup and their skin looks dehydrated.

Who are your beauty icons?

So many people to name! Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Eva Mendes and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

What five products should no girl be without?

Moisturizer, SPF, mascara, highlighters and lipgloss.

What’s the best beauty tip you ever learned?

I’ve learned that no matter how good your makeup is, if your eyebrows aren’t groomed, you’ve wasted your time.

You play with a lot of color which is amazing but how does a non-makeup artist do that without looking like a clown?

Use cream shadows like Make Up For Ever’s cream palletes. You can mix colors and use your fingers to to achieve different looks both strong and soft.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for products? Any hidden gems?

I’m a huge Make Up For Ever freak. Everything I’ve ever needed and wanted is there. I also like Lime Crime (a cosmetics line). I am going to create my own cosmetics line and those will also be my hidden gems. FABULIZE Magazine is also a hidden gem for women who want to embrace trendy looks and try new beauty tricks.

What products can you get away with buying cheap and which products are worth splurging on?

Always splurge on foundation and skincare. Lipsticks, glosses and nail polish can be good quality cheap or expensive.

Any makeup artists that inspire you?

Pat McGrath, David Klasfeld, Gucci Westman, Sam Fine, Daniel K, Dany Sanz and Kevin Aucoin.

Based on what you know about Rich Girls and Rollerskates, what one product sums up the RGRS girl and why?

RGRS’ are retro so I can definitely see lots of lashes and black eyeliner. RGRS girls are rockstars!

You can visit Erika’s site at and follow her on Twitter at Fabulizemag/twitter.

All photos courtesy of Erika Hardison.


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