The Five Best Beauty Products to Kick Off the New Year

15 Jan

When it comes to fashion, I’m a chameleon. One day I’m obsessing over chunky costume jewelry ala Yves Saint Laurent and the next day I’m paging my inner Jay-z/Brooklyn lovin’ baseball cap wearing self. When it comes to beauty though, I’m a bit more consistent. I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was 15 and I’ve always had a thing for the 60’s mod look. It’s safe to say that I probably spent more on eyeliner and nude lipgloss then a family who had to pay their kids college tuition in full. To Princeton.

Although this may sound a bit sick, this amazing consistency benefits you greatly. Not only do I know what I like, I’ve also tried pretty much every product that exists ( I did in fact work at Sephora for two years). Here are my five favorite products to start the New Year off with and my reasons why.

#1 L’oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner, $8, drugstores
Shown here in brown, I have to say I’m a fan of the black one. Pencils never had enough depth to them and I loved liquid liner but hated the 1) application, just way too difficult for someone as clumsy as moi, and 2) you can’t really line the bottom lid with liquid. I’m obsessed with this pencil and you should be too. It’s amazing and you can do as thick or as thin of a line as you want. And guess what? It’s way better than MAC.

Why you need it: Because every girl is entitled to page her inner 60’s supermodel.

#2 Dr. Perricone Hydrating Nutrient Mask, $65, Dr. Perricone, NYC.

Despite the rumors about Dr. Perricone being a fraud (New York Times, not me…)Dr. Perricone’s products are amazing. Every single one I’ve tried is incredible. After using them for one day, you already notice clearer and more radiant skin. This mask is the answer to your winter dryness.

Why You Need It: No matter how good your L’oreal eyeliner looks, dry skin is an insta-fail.

#3 MAC Lip Conditioner, $12, MAC Boutiques

I’m not a big lipstick wearer unless I’m going out. Add the fact that my lips are practically demolished anyway due to this awful weather and the last thing I want to do is put red lipstick on. This conditioner is my lifesaver. I feel it brings out my natural lip color and the faint vanilla smell always makes me happy.

Why You Need It: You never know when your lips need to be kissable.

#4 Bumble + Bumble Does It All Spray, $24.50, Bumble + Bumble Salons

I must admit that I hardly use product but sometimes everyone needs a boost. This is great because it gives you extra volume and it also holds styles and gives definition. After a great haircut, you might as well show it off.

Why You Need It: It’s cheaper than having a hair stylist making house calls.

#5 Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath and Shower Gel, $18.50,

The smell of the sugar and lemons always puts me in a great modd. Ultra-moisturizing properties are an amazing bonus. Buy the fragrance too for layering.

Why You Need It: Because it reminds you of summer ❤


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