Thrifting With Sammy Davis!

18 Jan

I met Sammy Davis, the fun and spunky woman behind the lifestyle brand Sammy Davis Vintage when I was an intern at Sammy Davis started her company by selling vintage but now she’s taking it to a whole other level. She closed her showroom on a mission to educate the public on all things vintage (she taught me how to test whether a secondhand shoe is well made by clicking the heels together. Let’s just say, she’s seen the heels literally fall off right before her eyes) She’s a wealth of knowledge, just check out Sammy D TV, her stream of authentic videos starring the entrepreneur herself.

When she approached me about making a video with her, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Sammy was on a quest to find a look for the 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards and she really wanted my point of view. The catch: it had to be secondhand. Although I’m not a stranger to vintage, I’m not used to being confined to a Goodwill in order to find an outfit for a very prestigious event. We headed to Goodwill in Bellmore, Long Island and I’m confident to say that Sammy was more than ready for the party! I think we made a wonderful team…

So tell me, which outfit was your favorite?


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