Baby Take A Picture

27 Jan

So I was going through some of my baby pictures today and it seems as though I loved the camera as much back then as I do now!

But most importantly, I feel old photos are very telling when it comes to your current style. Obviously if you read articles on this website, there seems to be a throwback to the early 80’s, the era in which I was born. Therefore, I am sharing some of my favorite photos with you along with some amusing commentary. I would love to see your old photos!

This abstract print tunic with leggings is so on trend and if you have great eyesight, check out that belt! This outfit was only for playing hide-and-seek in the backyard....

Wearing pink pajamas and eating pasta. My hair is amazing here.

I still really like baby barrettes (they can channel your inner-raver).

Full-on head-to-toe Christmas attire. I don't know what I'm doing with my hands but check out all of those gifts under the tree.

Listening to music again. Also sporting abstract prints once again and a bib that says "Play with Me".


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