Things That are Quintessentially American: The RGRS 4th of July Edition

4 Jul

1) Disneyland

Reason: It’s like going into a kitschy 1950’s time machine and most things that are iconic and American were born in the 50’s.

2) Gone With The Wind

Reason: It’s perhaps the most unforgettable love story in American cinema, plus it makes you want to wear frothy dresses that make you feel like a southern belle.

3) Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

Reason: Every American girl growing up owned at least 3 of these and no other lip glosses at the time were flavored as American colas.

4) Marilyn Monroe

Reason: Where do I start? I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t know who Marilyn Monroe is.

5) Diners

Reason: Diners have cheeseburgers and apple pies, the most distinctive American foods.

6) Cowboy Boots

Reason: Cowboys are the first American heroes and plus, what could be cuter and sexier than cowboy boots.

7) Coca Cola

Reason: Besides tasting so good (and sugary) the bottle is so vintage cool.

8) Ck One

Reason: It’s the only American fragrance that I can think of that actually changed the face of advertising forever, plus it introduced us to another icon; Kate Moss.

9) 80’s/90’s Teen Movies ala The Breakfast Club, Heathers, Clueless, Reality Bites….

Reason: Nothing else better represents the angst of teenagers than these genius movies.

10) Keds

Reason: Clean, crisp and easy to wear with jeans. In America, if you can wear it with jeans, that’s all that matters.


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