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1 Sep
Untitled #28
I definitely draw inspiration from lots of things but I would have to say, in theory, that my ultimate style icon is Rainbow Brite. It’s more  the idea of Rainbow Brite as opposed to who she literally is, a seemingly 7-year old who rides a horse with a star tattoo and stops the planet from being corrupted by all things evil.
If Rainbow Brite was a real person, she would always wear pastels, primary colors or both at the same time. She would love those colorful Hermes bracelets ( for secret powers?) and wear rainbow glitter over her eyeshadow and false lashes…everyday.
Besides admiring “Brite”, I’ve been watching tons of TV Land. That’s what I did while I was stranded during the hurricane. I’ve always loved Three’s Company but now I want to buy all of the seasons on DVD. It’s one of the best television shows of all time. I’m also rediscovering Everybody Loves Raymond, a show that I haven’t watched for years until I was casually watching it on a trip to Boston with Mike (the boyfriend). He NEVER saw an episode before and he thought it was genius.
Something else I love right now: Chanel Vendetta polish that I never seem to get sick of. It’s my all-time favorite nail polish color from Chanel. I’ve also been listening to lots of vintage Madonna, although what else is new? I saw Britney in concert on my birthday and I grew to love her more than I already did. “Big Fat Bass” is on repeat on my Ipod.
Other things on my shopping list are red oversized sunglasses (very Lolita/Valley of the Dolls), Lanvin Ballerinas and as well as Lanvin’s new Faubourg 22 Shopper Tote, which features the Eiffel Tower and an engagement ring, two of my fave things.
And don’t forget chocolate. You can never go wrong with Cadbury.

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