If I Lived in Sweet Valley: Book #1

29 Jun

Welcome to Sweet Valley, California, a place full of palm trees, sunshine, milkshakes and pastels! Since these elements inspire what I share with the world, it’s only natural to imagine what these girls would be wearing in each book.

The first book of the Sweet Valley High series, titled Double Love, centers around blonde and gorgeous twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. They are like night and day. Liz is down-to-earth, well-liked and a writer for The Oracle, SVH’s campus newspaper. Jessica is co-captain of the cheerleading squad, immerses herself in fashion magazines and is the biggest flirt in school. In this particular story, Jessica finds out that handsome Todd Wilkins likes Elizabeth. Jessica is upset and does whatever it takes to win his attention. The ego on this girl is enormous! One night she is approached by high school dropout Rick Andover. She agrees to go to a bar with him and as soon as she senses he might be taking things a little far with her, she demands she gets taken home. He refuses and a fight breaks out at the bar. Everyone at school finds out but actually thinks it was Liz who was brought home by the cops instead. Todd is disappointed and Jess stays quiet while everyone talks behind her sister’s back. Classyyy…..

Todd then invites Jessica to the school dance and Liz is devastated. But Todd still likes Liz and discovers that she wasn’t the girl at the bar the other night. He punches Rick in the face at the high school haunt, The Dairi Burger, and as Jessica runs up to kiss him, Liz pushes her out of the way and kisses him instead.

So much for Gossip Girl!

Be the cover girl in a high-end designer denim jacket. Proenza Schouler Jean Jacket, $495, available for pre-order on Lagarconne.com

Sexy but still demure enough for the school dance. Herve Leger White Knot Dress, $1,590, Shopbop.com

Just perfect for spreading this week’s gossip! Blue Princess Phone, $49.95, Oldphonenetworks.com

You can still achieve California Girl hair, even if you live nowhere near the west coast. Fekkai Beach Waves Spray, $25, Nordstrom.com

The twins never left home without a charm around their neck. Small Hear Pendant Necklace, $210, Bluenile.com


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