How To Slim Your Face By Contouring

16 Oct

Contouring tends to get a bad reputation. It has an “80’s not in a good way” stigma. Think women wearing way too much cakey foundation and heavy purple eyeshadow.

But those 80’s girls were on to something. Contouring can make a face look thinner and more defined in an instant. It’s also really easy if you have the right tools.

What You’ll Need:

– A medium to full coverage foundation (the formulation isn’t really what matters here. The coverage counts because it’s hard to get definition with just tinted moisturizer).

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation, $42,

– A matte bronzer 1-3 shades darker than your skin tone.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer, $5, Target stores.


– A slanted bronzer brush.

Sephora Pro Angled Blush Brush #49, $32,

– Blush (optional).

Cover Girl Cheekers Blush, $5, Drugstores


Step One: Apply your foundation with a foundation brush. I love Urban Decay’s Optical Blurring Brush. I like to start with a dime size of foundation and build it up, since it’s much easier to add than to take off. Use concealer under eyes and on blemishes as needed for a flawless finish.

Step Two: Take the bronzer brush and dip it lightly into your bronzer. Some brands that make great bronzers are M.A.C. and Rimmel. Make a “fish” face and where your face is sunken in, apply with an up and down motion. (The sunken in part will be parallel to your ears and mouth). Don’t travel to close to hairline or mouth. This will look funny.


Step 3: Lightly dust bronzer onto temples, sides of nose and bottom of chin. Make sure you blend well.

Step 4: If you want a dramatic Brooke Shields style circa Calvin Klein look, which focuses strictly on the cheekbones, I would use a darker bronzer and skip blush. If you want a brighter look,  go lighter on bronzer, then smile and apply a pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.


Keep in mind that this is a general guideline and tends to work for a majority of the girls I’ve spoken to but just to be extra helpful, I’ve included the contouring guideline below for specific face shapes.


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