The Top 5 Movies/TV Shows About Valley Girls

28 May

Throughout my life, for some reason I’ve always been drawn to movies and television shows that focused on the supposed “valley girl”. I guess because they say things out loud that most people are thinking. Or maybe it’s because they are always the lead character, so it’s natural to be under their spell of entitlement and unlimited cash flow. I always liked them because of the clothes but that’s just me.

Here are my top Valley Girl-centric films and TV shows:


1) Valley Girl:

Valley Girl is the movie that depicts teenagers from the San Fernando Valley. It’s also a terrific romantic comedy where Nicolas Cage plays the “boy from the city” and probably says the most memorable and funniest quotes in an 80’s comedy. I think the soundtrack totally makes the movie, especially the scene featuring “Love My Way” by The Psychedelic Furs.


2) Fast Times at Ridgemont High:

This is the American Pie of the 80’s. The film follows the lives of a group of teenagers who spend a majority of their time in the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Sean Penn plays stoner Jeff Spicoli brilliantly and Linda Barrett wears a denim jacket and red bandanna effortlessly.


3) Clueless:

This movie started all of the fashion trends that were relevant in the mid 90’s. I was in love with the plush backpacks that Cher and Dionne wore in this movie as well as the baby tees. This is one of my favorite movies of all time….


4) Sweet Valley High:


This TV show was a spinoff of the famous 80’s book series. Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield were classic blonde California twins who lived in the fictional town of Sweet Valley, California. This show epitomized high school mean girl stereotypes.


5) Girls Just Want to Have Fun:


Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) enters a dance contest which will broadcasted live on national television. But rich girl Natalie Sands gets jealous and attempts to ring the contest. She also drives a mean cherry red Mercedes convertible.


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