5 Pieces That Will Probably Make You a Street Style Star

25 Jul

Nothing is worse than people who look so cookie cutter. There are definitely pieces out there that will express your style without even saying a word.

NOTE: This is not for somebody who only wants to wear twinsets and pearls. These pieces are funky and will make a statement.



70's Welcome Back Kotter Lunch Tin, $24, Ribbons and Retro @ Etsy

70’s Welcome Back Kotter Lunch Tin, $24, Ribbons and Retro @ Etsy

I’ve always loved lunchboxes. I had a Ghostbusters one in elementary school and a Kerropi one in junior high for storing school supplies. They are so unpredictable but yet so practical and durable. Plus, anyone can find one that tells everyone what their favorite T.V. show, musician or cartoon they enjoyed as a child. Even former Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld used a Mickey Mouse one in her latest editorial for V magazine, proof that something that seems so childish can have their very own high-fashion moment as well.



My own charms; a unicorn and I <3 Los Angeles necklace.

My own charms; a unicorn and an I ❤ Los Angeles necklace.

Charms are extremely accessible, especially if you are on a tight budget. They could cost as little as a nickel or into the millions if you get yours from Harry Winston! They could even be heirlooms. My mother has an impressive charm collection with all of the cliches, “#1 Mom” and birthstone charms included. They can also be put onto bracelets, necklaces or can dangle off of a cool bag…perhaps on heirloom as well?


Unique Iphone Case(s)

Gennarino case from Moschino.

Gennarino case from Moschino.

Iphones are the most coveted accessories of our generation. They practically live our lives for us. Why not dress them accordingly? Some people change their cases as often as their underwear and that’s cool but you can also make your case a signature. You can be the label whore and get a designer case. Or be the girly girl and gets yours completely jeweled.


Signature Hat or Scarf

Nicole Richie and her leopard scarf.

Nicole Richie and her leopard scarf.

It’s important to think about what you want your overall style to say. The rock stars seem to go for fedoras and skull scarves. The trendsetters love leopard and berets. It takes some experimenting. It might even be a distinct color that you love. A great example of a consistent wearer of scarves is Nicole Richie. She is either wearing her leopard scarf or her McQueen skull scarf. She also wears them in a plethora of ways which is quite inspirational.


A Statement Coat

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Trim Coat, $1.195, Lagarconne.com

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Trim Coat, $1.195, Lagarconne.com

In cold climates, people only see your coat, so you better make it good. Pick one that’s complimentary to your shape and remember, the ability to layer is key, so be wise when it comes to size.



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