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Island Girl

12 Jun

It’s no secret that this website is very NYC/LA-centric. While these places are some of the most culturally relevant on the planet, I always neglect where I grew up…Long Island.

I never appreciated Long Island until after I left, which was a little over a year ago, when I moved to southern Connecticut. I lived in Hewlett (one of the “5 towns”) until  I was 5 years old and then moved over to Lynbrook, where I resided for most of my adolescent and adult life.

I always liked Hewlett, because it felt like home to me. It was also very safe and I remember the old stores that my grandparents and I used to visit frequently (Windmill supermarket anyone?). But the one place that is such a treasured tradition is Wall’s Bake Shop.


I still know everyone who works there and it’s always busy (especially during the Jewish holidays…take a number!). The best thing about Wall’s, aside from the old-fashioned decor, are the “people” cookies. Although they always come out with the latest characters like Dora the Explorer, they also still make Kermit and Miss Piggy, which echos my generation.


A lot of Manhattanites actually claim that this place is the best compared to the cities current offerings. There might be some truth to this, considering that Wall’s will actually messenger a cake into Manhattan for a flat fee of $30.

I can’t imagine this place ever going out of business. If you ever need a day trip to clear your head, head over to Long Island for the day and discover Wall’s for yourself!


Wall’s Bake Shop

1336 Broadway

Hewlett, NY 11557





RGRS Rolodex: The Most Authentic (Cheap) Thrift Shop in The East Village

8 May

No Relation Vintage

204 1st Avenue

NYC 10009

no relation

It’s quite obvious that I’m on an East Village kick lately. Although the neighborhood used to pride itself on individual and personal style, these days it seems the vintage stores charge more than just a song for a t-shirt. If you are looking for a fun thrift store to hunt for cool and inexpensive pieces that are a step up from the Salvation Army, I highly recommend No Relation Vintage. The average price for a top is $10 and they have a huge wall of boots and old-school sneakers. I love going in here with no agenda. It’s relaxing just to comb the racks and maybe find a rare 60’s print dress, a chic pair of Ferragamo flats or a Biggie vintage tee.

RGRS Rolodex: The Best Japanese Market in NYC

22 Feb

Sunrise Mart

494 Broome St
New York, NY 10012

sunrise mart

If you are looking for authentic ramen (hardboiled egg and all) and Vivi magazine all under one roof, this is the place. Don’t be deterred by the mainstream location in Soho; this place is legit. While suited business men wait on line to take their sushi to go, Japanese college students sit in the communal lunch area a flight above. My recommendations are the pork ramen ($10 for a huge container) and any soft drink from the brand Hawaiian Sun. The Passion Fruit and Guava are popular favorites. Once you’re done eating, browse through the quirky assortment of beauty products and Sanrio toys. I promise you will not leave here empty-handed.

RGRS Rolodex: The Best Place To Go For Vintage Boots

3 Oct

Edith Machinist

104 Rivington Street
Manhattan, New York


Every girl, at least once in her life, is on the tough quest of finding the perfect pair of boots. The fall season tends to spark this obsession. Every girl picks her poison distinctively. Some prefer a slick black sexy stiletto boot. Others crave a beat up motorcycle boot, and you’ll even get a few every so often who love a red boot (can you say Jennifer Foster circa high school)?

There’s good and bad news. The bad: A great pair of boots can be very tricky to find. The good: You’ll probably find the style you want at Edith Machinist. Lucky for you that I know a thing or two about finding a specific place for a specific reason.

Edith Machinist (her real name!) was one of the first NYC boutique owners to stock vintage with a modern cool aesthetic. She carries some great clothing and handbags (mostly from the 70’s and 80’s) but her draw is definitely footwear. Although prices spike easily, it’s still possible to leave the store with something around $30. This is a must-stop, especially for the vintage loving RGRS.

P.S. If you can’t travel to NYC, she also has a website!


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