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The 2011 RGRS Gift Guide: Part 1

3 Dec

It’s that time of the year again and what better way to kick off the season than to have an easy gift guide that will have everyone saying, “Wow, she/he really surprised me with that (fill in fun gift here)?!

This is not just any old guide though. I’ve actually been told that I give the best gifts. I think part of it has to do with that fact that I love shopping vicariously through other people but may I add that being a great listener as well as knowing where to source gifts that have a touch of  personality really helps too!

These guides are not by “Brother”, “Girlfriend”, “Mom”, etc. I did do them by personality but not just any run-of-the-mill type. Chances are if you read this site often, you actually know at least one of these types very well. Tonight features our first personality type, “The Label Whore.”

Yup, no explanation necessary, although I will proceed. She/he only wears the latest and greatest. Yes, even the nail polish is Chanel. Despite what people may think, this is actually a tough type to buy for. Just when you think you have them down, they are all sick of Balenciaga and onto Proenza……


For Underneath it All

Soft Pink 7 Day of the Week Panties, $195, Stellamccartney.com


Essential Reading

Louise Dahl-Wolf: A Retrospective, from $135, Amazon.com

Home Sweet Home

BG Shopper Ornament, $55, Bergdorfgoodman.com


Alber Sketch Pencils, $25, Lanvin.com

For the Gadgets

Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart Shaped Acetate Ear Buds, $40, Netaporter.com


NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator, $29, Sephora.com

For Organization

Miu Miu Keyholder, $210, Miumiu.com



Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Gift Set, $80, Sephora.com

Can’t Live Without Movie

The Women, $6.49, Amazon.com

Wardrobe Addition

Winter Dolmain Boatneck Sweater, $178.20, Aliceandolivia.com



The Muppets Take 2011

27 Aug

I’ve written about the Muppets plenty of times before, but now there is more Muppet news besides the current exhibit going on at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria.

The new Muppet movie simply titled The Muppets is being released on November 23rd and has a superstar cast line-up of Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Mila Kunis and Katy Perry.

I can’t wait, considering that one of my favorite movies of all time just happens to be The Muppet Take Manhattan. In my opinion, it is one of the most sincere love letters to New York City that I’ve ever seen on film. Not only does Miss Piggy take a job selling perfume with Joan Rivers at Bergdorf Goodman she then gets mugged in Central Park. Former mayor Ed Koch is also in the film as well as Liza Minelli, when she is dining at Sardi’s, a legendary haunt in the city. Another interesting fact that label whores will appreciate;  Gonzo is seen toting around a luxe Gucci bag in the beginning of the film when they are walking through a terminal (Port Authority?).

The three videos I posted are of The Muppets 2011 trailer, a 5 minute interview with Frank Oz about the making of The Muppets Take Manhattan, and the scene with Joan Rivers

Last Minute Santa

23 Dec

Bad Santa wasn’t just a movie. In my eyes, a Bad Santa is someone who waits until last minute (ahem!) to finish their holiday shopping. Since I tend to empathize with you people (because of course I never wait until last minute. No. I really don’t…), here is a foolproof guide to buying for everyone on your list. It’s organized by personality/interests because no mom, dad, sister, brother, etc. are made alike. Just don’t hold me responsible for those hefty shipping charges. Shopping on a whim does have it’s price.

For the Luxe Bohemian

The World of Gloria Vanderbilt, $40, Bergdorf Goodman, NYC.

For the Neurotic Mess Who Needs A Vacation

Fresh Brown Sugar Escape Set, $65, Sephora.com (overnight shipping available until 11:59 PM).

For the Music Fanatic

Itunes $100 Gift Card, store.apple.com (order overnight).

For The Ultimate Sweet Tooth

Candyland Medium Gift Basket, $150, dylanscandybar.com

The Hostess (Or Host) With the Most-est

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, about $18, amazon.com