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London Calling: A First-Timer’s Cheat Sheet on Where to Stay in the Middle of it All

27 Jun

When visiting Europe, it is very common to city-hop your way through due to accessibility and affordable train fares. But chances are that the hotels are not as cheap. I’ve researched some accommodations that are right near Big Ben, Harrods and Westminster Bridge:

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

park plaza westminster bridge london

Cost: About $350 per night

The Perks: A fantastic indoor pool, yummy sushi bar, one block from the tube, Big Ben is a stones throw away, posh Mandara Spa.


The Belgrave



Cost: An affordable $160 a night

The Perks: Pretty inexpensive considering that all the tourist attractions are within walking distance, modern decor, great breakfast, detailed service.


Another alternative is to rent a room or an apartment for your stay. I actually found one 10 minutes from the Westminster bridge and the reviews were excellent.


Cost: A good apartment can cost anywhere from $100 a night-$500 a night. Please note that their is usually a minimum amount of nights that you must stay.

The Perks: Privacy, getting the “real” experience”, costs much less than staying at a hotel, usually a local owner who can fill you in on fun things to do.







Hotel Pick: Fasano in Rio

4 Jun
One of the suites at Fasano.

One of the suites at Fasano.

If you want to lounge amongst the young, rich and famous in Brazil, all bets are on the Fasano. This luxury hotel is located on the famous Ipanema Beach. Some celebrity clients include Beyonce Knowles, Gisele Bundchen, Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne. This is where you head for an exotic honeymoon, since rooms start at $800 a night.

Start saving up!

Pool at the Fasano.

Pool at the Fasano.


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