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Miami Vice

15 Aug

I just came back from being in South Beach for the first time and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. Miami is not just made up of crazy spring breaker types. It’s a beach city that has some of the most elegant and glamorous restaurants/hotels/shops that I’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me? Here are three of my picks amongst Miami’s finest:

The Ritz-Carlton

1 Lincoln Road

Dinner poolside at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach.

Dinner poolside at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach.

It might cost a kidney to stay here but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Ritz.  The DiLido Beach Club is an amazing restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or if you just want an amazing meal for almost the same amount you would pay at any other trendy Miami Beach spot.  The service here cannot be matched. The staff is always attentive but never overbearing.  They even served me dessert on the house for my birthday. And their cocktails are absolutely amazing. If you love Daquiris or Pina Coladas, you must try “The Vice.” A must try if you are trying to get away from the touristy Lincoln crowd. You can even dive in the pool and they won’t even say anything 😉


501 Lincoln Road

Plantain chips at Yuca.

Plantain chips at Yuca.

One of the things I was looking forward to do on my trip to Miami was to try have some authentic Cuban food. I was very lucky to visit during “Miami Spice” (Miami’s version of restaurant week) and Yuca had a exceptional dinner menu. If you love meat, you cannot pass this place up. Their pork is out of this world, the empanadas are a splendid starter and the margaritas are very strong, just the way they should be. This is a great place to have dinner right before heading upstairs, where on most Saturdays they have a D.J. or a band.

The Webster

1220 Collins Avenue

The Webster

The Webster

If you love Alaia, Chanel and Balenciaga, this boutique housed in a 20,000 square foot Art Deco building is a label whore’s dream. Quirky Charlotte Olympia clutches live amongst Maison Michel headpieces and Chanel jackets. Although everything is pretty much out of my price range, (with the exception of the signature Webster candles??), I had so much fun looking at everything. Also, the salespeople are very welcoming. To make things even more insanely stylish, they have a happy hour on their rooftop from 7-11PM.


Top 3 Lipsticks Every R.G. Needs in Her Arsenal

2 Aug

I’ll admit, I really do not wear lipstick often. Maybe it’s because I speak a lot and I have some irrational fear that it will get on my teeth. But even though it might not be a constant, I have a lipstick for every occasion and style. If you are still building your cosmetic wardrobe or simply just love make-up, take a look at my three have-to-have-them lipsticks:

The Perfect Red

This is the hardest lipstick to find. “This red has too much blue” and “this one has orange undertones” are excerpts of conversation that are all too familiar to any daunted shopper on the hunt for her red. Here’s the thing, your best friend’s red is not going to be your red. Also, she might swear by Lancome but Cover Girl might suit you just fine. Either way, try a few at a Sephora or a department store and then look at yourself in natural daylight. By the way, Chanel “Gabrielle”is my red and rumor has it that it’s many others as well.

Chanel "Gabrielle" Lipstick, $34, department stores

Chanel “Gabrielle” Lipstick, $34, department stores

A Semi-Frosty Pink

I’m not talking old lady frosty pink but something pretty for when you look tan or girly. The trick is to go with something without silver sparkle in it. That’s a deal breaker. Warmer tones are always more flattering and goof-proof. I think I have six tubes of Politely Pink from M.A.C. lying in different handbags.

"Politely Pink" Lipstick, $15, M.A.C. Cosmetics

“Politely Pink” Lipstick, $15, M.A.C. Cosmetics

A Go With Everything Nude

Nude lipsticks are like a good push-up bra; they make you look more…ahem…pronounced, all while playing a supportive role. You should think of nudes this way.  They compliment a smokey eye just perfectly but can also be mixed with any other lipstick or gloss. NARS Belle De Jour has enough color so you don’t look washed out.

"Belle de Jour" Lipstick, $26, NARS Cosmetics

“Belle de Jour” Lipstick, $26, NARS Cosmetics

What To Wear To See “The Great Gatsby”

14 May
What To Wear To See The Great Gatsby

DVb Victoria Beckham skinny fit jeans
$260 – seasonsclothing.co.uk

Lanvin flat shoes

Olympia Le Tan olympia le tan
$1,470 – net-a-porter.com

Elsa peretti

Chanel perfume
$195 – theiconic.com.au

Disney Girl

26 Mar
Disney Girl

Wildfox couture sweater
$175 – donnaida.com

Alice olivia

Proenza schouler tote

Shopping Spree: March 18, 2013

19 Mar
A quick way to get in on the bright color trend for summer. Corked Necklace in Color Wheel, $43.99, Modcloth.com

A quick way to get in on the bright color trend for summer. Corked Necklace in Color Wheel, $43.99, Modcloth.com

Now you can just look at your bag and get transported to Sicily (well, almost)! Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag, $1,995, Net-a-porter.com

Now you can just look at your bag and get transported to Sicily (well, almost)! Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag, $1,995, Net-a-porter.com

On my must-see movie list for this week. Cleopatra, Amazon.com

On my must-see movie list for this week. Next personal style icon perhaps? Cleopatra, Amazon.com

Just like the one from "Devil Wear Prada". Chanel Blazer, $2.250, 1stdibs.com

Just like the one from “Devil Wear Prada”. Chanel Blazer, $2.250, 1stdibs.com

A really cool book that explains the history of "hippie" style. Hippie, $10, Amazon.com

A really cool book that explains the history of “hippie” style. Hippie, $10, Amazon.com





Part 2: African Safari Cheet Sheet

15 Mar
Part 2: African Safari Cheet Sheet

Michael michael kors dress
$110 – theoutnet.com

Tod s tods sneaker
$390 – farfetch.com

Ray Ban ray ban eyewear

Some people were curious as to what you would wear on a safari. I researched and here are my picks and why:
1) Michael Kors Crepe Dress: Safaris can get very warm and uncomfortable, since you are in an open car for a long period of time. I would probably do a dress, since I’m more of a dress girl and I never mind the heat as much. You can also do khaki cargoes (Ralph Lauren always makes a cute pair) with a 3/4 sleeve khaki cotton shirt. The reason for so much khaki? You want to blend into the animal’s natural surroundings. You can also do olive green and sludgy brown colors but whatever you do, avoid bright colors unless you want to be somebody’s lunch.
2) Tan and White Tods Sneaker: Sandals are not recommended for safaris because chances are they might slip off and/or you will get lots of bug bites. I chose the Tods sneaker because it’s quiet luxury at it’s best and the colors are very subtle. Plus, these are way cuter than some other close-toed shoes I’ve seen for safaris.
3) Ray Bans: Sand can get into your eyes rather easily on a safari and can cause discomfort that will distract you during your journey. Take my advice: try to wear these as much as possible, especially if you wear contacts. And skip the mascara.
4) Tan Cotton Head Scarf: The cotton absorbs perspiration and the scarf keeps hair out of your face. Or you can do a cute ponytail. Either way, leave your Hermes silk scarf at home.
5) Hermes Blanket: Lots of people say that it can get pretty chilly at night time, so when relaxing in your room, throw this on for extra comfort.
6) L’oreal Sublime Self-Tanner: It’s much more flattering to be tan while wearing shorts and earth tones your entire trip. Self-tan a few days before you go to Africa.
7) Chanel Lip Balm: Since you won’t be wearing much make-up, at least splurge on the lip balm. This one has a beautiful consistency and will protect your lips from nature’s harsh elements.

Date Night

1 Feb
Date Night

Gold necklace
$235 – econe.co.uk

Chanel lip makeup

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