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Island Girl

12 Jun

It’s no secret that this website is very NYC/LA-centric. While these places are some of the most culturally relevant on the planet, I always neglect where I grew up…Long Island.

I never appreciated Long Island until after I left, which was a little over a year ago, when I moved to southern Connecticut. I lived in Hewlett (one of the “5 towns”) until  I was 5 years old and then moved over to Lynbrook, where I resided for most of my adolescent and adult life.

I always liked Hewlett, because it felt like home to me. It was also very safe and I remember the old stores that my grandparents and I used to visit frequently (Windmill supermarket anyone?). But the one place that is such a treasured tradition is Wall’s Bake Shop.


I still know everyone who works there and it’s always busy (especially during the Jewish holidays…take a number!). The best thing about Wall’s, aside from the old-fashioned decor, are the “people” cookies. Although they always come out with the latest characters like Dora the Explorer, they also still make Kermit and Miss Piggy, which echos my generation.


A lot of Manhattanites actually claim that this place is the best compared to the cities current offerings. There might be some truth to this, considering that Wall’s will actually messenger a cake into Manhattan for a flat fee of $30.

I can’t imagine this place ever going out of business. If you ever need a day trip to clear your head, head over to Long Island for the day and discover Wall’s for yourself!


Wall’s Bake Shop

1336 Broadway

Hewlett, NY 11557




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