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Miami Vice

15 Aug

I just came back from being in South Beach for the first time and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. Miami is not just made up of crazy spring breaker types. It’s a beach city that has some of the most elegant and glamorous restaurants/hotels/shops that I’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me? Here are three of my picks amongst Miami’s finest:

The Ritz-Carlton

1 Lincoln Road

Dinner poolside at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach.

Dinner poolside at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach.

It might cost a kidney to stay here but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Ritz.  The DiLido Beach Club is an amazing restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or if you just want an amazing meal for almost the same amount you would pay at any other trendy Miami Beach spot.  The service here cannot be matched. The staff is always attentive but never overbearing.  They even served me dessert on the house for my birthday. And their cocktails are absolutely amazing. If you love Daquiris or Pina Coladas, you must try “The Vice.” A must try if you are trying to get away from the touristy Lincoln crowd. You can even dive in the pool and they won’t even say anything 😉


501 Lincoln Road

Plantain chips at Yuca.

Plantain chips at Yuca.

One of the things I was looking forward to do on my trip to Miami was to try have some authentic Cuban food. I was very lucky to visit during “Miami Spice” (Miami’s version of restaurant week) and Yuca had a exceptional dinner menu. If you love meat, you cannot pass this place up. Their pork is out of this world, the empanadas are a splendid starter and the margaritas are very strong, just the way they should be. This is a great place to have dinner right before heading upstairs, where on most Saturdays they have a D.J. or a band.

The Webster

1220 Collins Avenue

The Webster

The Webster

If you love Alaia, Chanel and Balenciaga, this boutique housed in a 20,000 square foot Art Deco building is a label whore’s dream. Quirky Charlotte Olympia clutches live amongst Maison Michel headpieces and Chanel jackets. Although everything is pretty much out of my price range, (with the exception of the signature Webster candles??), I had so much fun looking at everything. Also, the salespeople are very welcoming. To make things even more insanely stylish, they have a happy hour on their rooftop from 7-11PM.


Bermuda Cheat Sheet

6 Mar

If you’re looking for a last minute Spring Break getaway,  I suggest you head to Bermuda. If you’re not convinced after this cheat sheet, Google pictures and ask friends about their experiences. I’ve never heard anyway say that they had a miserable time in Bermuda.

Bermuda is technically considered part of The Caribbean but the truth is, it’s only a 2 hour flight from New York City. Of course, once you arrive, you will be convinced you’re in heaven. Bermuda is flawless, civilized and the gorgeous pink sand is legendary all around the world. This time of year, it’s a little cool to swim (think mid-60’s-low 70’s) but you’ll find yourself doing so anyway, especially if you stay at The Fairmont Southhampton Resort, which boasts an amazing indoor pool within their award-winning spa.


How To Get There: American Airlines and Delta fly almost daily to Hamilton, Bermuda (L.F. Wade International Airport). From New York, expect to pay between $350-$450 per person roundtrip in the month of March. Most premiere hotels require a cab ride from the airport, which is usually around $20 (everyone in Bermuda takes U.S. currency). The drivers are very friendly and are full of knowledge, since they have lived there all of there lives. Bring cash. Taxis do not take credit cards here.

Where To Stay: I love the Southhampton Resort because you really don’t have to leave for the duration of the trip. They facilitate scuba diving, have amazing golf courses and their restaurant Jasmine Lounge has an jazzy 30’s vibe that you won’t find anywhere else. You have to try their fish chowder. There are other restaurants that people rave about such as Mickey’s  at Elbow Beach and Hog Penny. Little Venice  in Hamilton has amazing Italian food. This restaurant is quite entertaining (the staff is crazy and they pull pranks on eachother….you have to see it to believe it). To venture out to Hamilton, Bermuda’s “city”, you have to take a ferry, cab or bus. Please note: I do not recommend the bus at night time.

What To Bring: A Wildfox Swim Towel and a Missoni Crochet Knit Bikini. The vibe here is disconnected but bring your most beautiful resort pieces such as luxe towels, exotic caftans and K. Jacques sandals to flaunt your personal style. A great book to reference before you go is Resort Fashion: Style in Sun-Drenched Climates.

On the Playlist: “Welcome to Jamrock” – Damian Marley






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