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Gucci Gorgeous!

27 Sep

I love how Gucci took reference from the 1960’s without going completely retro. Here are my top picks from the collection:

This shade of blue is so stunning. Say hello to the colorful pantsuit!

Bound to show up on a red carpet near you. Can you just picture Olivia Wilde in this?

Snakeskin gone classy. How much do you love this jacket? The shorts are a must if you have amazing legs.

I love pastels swirled with snakeskin. One of my favorite trends for next spring.

So ethereal; this look IS Spring.


The Top 5 Shoes to Invest in for Spring/Summer

2 Mar

There are many things in life you can skimp money on; mascara, t-shirts, even jeans. But one of my fashion rules that I stick by 98% of the time is to splurge on shoes.

Think about it: cheap shoes make your feet hurt which in turn make you cranky, give you blisters and can make your overall outfit look cheap. And who wants that? Here are my ultimate favorite shoes for spring/summer and why they will take you beyond the seasons:

1) Chloe Raffia Ballet Flats

Although I love a classic ballerina flat, this is an amazing twist on the wardrobe staple. First of all they are raffia, which basically coaxes you to book a flight to a warm destination (I’m thinking Italy when I look at these but let your imagination do the talking). But most importantly they are pink, tan and cream which resembles, you guessed it….Neapolitan ice cream! Anything that looks like ice cream is worth investing in. Now they are $600 dollars but if you wear them on every single vacation, they pay for themselves.

Chloe Rafia Ballet Flats, $595, Netaporter.com

2) Missoni Flat Espadrilles

Nothing says “jetsetter” like Missoni. And of course, espadrilles are a summer wardrobe necessity. If you always wanted a piece from Missoni but your budget never allowed it, you might want to consider these. The craftmanship is incredible.

Missoni Flat Espadrilles, $275, Shopbop.com

3) Yves Saint Laurent Leather and Stingray Sandals

I know these are super-expensive but I couldn’t resist including them. They are just so gorgeous. I absolutely love stingray. Not only is it unpredictable but it adds texture. Ans don’t even get me started on the crispness of white. Overall, my fantasy shoe for this summer.

Yves Saint Laurent Leather and Stingray Sandals, $995, Netaporter.com

4) Sam Edelman Gigi T-Strap Sandal

My favorite shoe for summer is a simple metallic t-strap. Metallic, whether gold, silver, rosegold or bronze will go with everything from shorts to a summer dress. I love these because they are only $65 and look just as pretty as K.Jacques.

Sam Edelman Gigi T-Strap Sandal, $65, Shopbop.com

5) Minnetonka Moccasins

How can you not love these?

Minnetonka Moccasin, $40-$60, Minnetonka.com

If Only It Weren’t 20 Degrees Outside….

10 Jan

This dress is so versatile. I can really see it with tights and motorcycle boots or on vacation with K. Jacques sandals and a tan. Stella McCartney

I love the Grace Kelly in Monaco reference but the beauty is in the dress; which plays with sexy and femme with the sheer fabric and one-shoulder. Alice + Olivia

It doesn't matter what anyone says...nude is always chic in the summer. Plus, it makes your tan look so much hotter. Chloe

Jenni Kayne makes great clothes that every California girl wants to wear. This pant is colorful without looking clownish. Jenni Kayne

Lingerie touches seem to be always in but they are especially "it" for this summer. Go to vintage stores and peep in the lingerie department for camis you can wear under blazers. Rachel Zoe

I Want To Look Good For You….

22 Jan

thanks to Chanel cosmetics spring collection. Tendresse was justย made for me!

Photo courtesy of Chanel.

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