Music Video Flashback: (Always Be My) Sunshine, Jay-z featuring Foxy Brown and Babyface

9 Oct

As I was getting ready in the morning on my first day of 9th grade, I was watching MTV when this video came on. It was Jay-z and Foxy Brown. I haven’t seen them in a video together since “Ain’t No N***a”, a single that was released from his prior album, Reasonable Doubt.

This video is definitely dated. Dancers are dressed in bright colored sweatsuits, dancing in a room resembling a life size Rubix cube of even brighter lights.I loved Jay-z and always thought Foxy was fun, especially in this video where the duo seem to be spinning endlessly while ferris wheels in shades of Skittles linger in the background.

Rumor has it that Jay-z didn’t care for this video. He thought it was too colorful. But there is no denying that this song made Jay-z more accepted amongst the pop crowd, giving him that appeal which made him globally successful.

My guess is that he didn’t mind that at all….


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