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I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly

8 Jul

purple shoe

"Jealous" shoes, Stuart Weitzman, $195.

“Jealous” shoes, Stuart Weitzman, $195.


These new shoes from Stuart Weitzman brought me back to the days of camp and jelly shoes….1995 to be exact.

Can’t you just picture wearing these on the shores of Bermuda? I can. Jelly shoes are truly the most waterproof shoes on the planet, making them perfect for impromptu strolls on Caribbean islands or the local beach. The crystals add even more 90’s flavor. I’ll take both colors please!


NYC Soundtrack: Puff Daddy’s No Way Out Album

7 Mar



When I started high school in 1997, my sister received this album as a birthday gift by accident from my mother. My mother didn’t realize that “Mo Money Mo Problems” was actually on The Notorious B.IG.’s album Life After Death, which was released earlier that same year. Therefore, this hit machine was kindly discarded onto the back of Gina’s C.D. holder, where The Rugrats Soundtrack and Jock Jams took precedence.

I gladly took advantage of this scenario. Being a newly minted freshman who sat by the radio listening to FunkMaster Flex every single night, I played this ad nauseum and enjoyed every single song…and still do. This is one of the albums that epitomizes urban New York to me. It’s the first of it’s kind to make the true crossover from hip-hop to pop seamlessly. “I’ll Be Missing You” is a classic example of this and history is proof; it stayed #1 on the Billboard charts for 11 consecutive weeks. “Been Around the World” is most likely my personal favorite because of the Bowie sampling but “Senorita” is also a contender because of it’s melodic R&B touch.

A true classic, now that it’s 15 years old (!), perhaps my mom was on to something.




She’s A Rainbow

24 Oct

I officially feel old.

Urban Outfitters teamed up with Lisa Frank and issued limited quantities of popular Lisa Frank products. Even though the prices are a bit higher than I remember, who can resist a piece of 80’s/90’s nostalgia?

You can shop the items here but the real treat is the mini-documentary filmed by Urban Outfitters of Lisa (who refuses to be shown?) in her breathtaking headquarters. Look out for the dancing bear as well as a young Mila Kunis.


Obsessed With….The 90’s

9 Sep

Lately I’ve been loving the 90’s again. Not the washed up 80’s kind but the gritty Biggie era.

I remember it perfectly. I used to think that magazine subscriptions were free so I called every single one and ordered away. “Bill me later” was my catch phrase. There was one particular magazine that caught my eye. It was called Mouth 2 Mouth and although I was only 10 at the time, I was eager to read more about Cindy Crawford, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course, “69 Cool Things”! The subtlety was certainly out the door (not much different than magazine cover lines these days) but it was hip, cool and indie enough where you weren’t a cliche.

This also led to my obsession with Salt-N-Pepa’s Very Necessary which is still quite an amazing album if you listen to it now. Fun but socially conscious, I wore the cassette out completely and along with Madonna’s Erotica, it was my first cassette which had a Parental Advisory sticker. Also on my playlist was TLC’s CrazySexyCool, which came out a year later.

If you want to get a better idea of what NYC was like in the early 90’s, I highly suggest watching The Wackness, a terrific movie about Luke Shapiro (Josh Peck), a teenager who starts dealing drugs to support his family. The movie has an excellent soundtrack and even the clothing is reminincent of what teenagers wore back then.

What were your favorite things from the 90’s?

Fashion Flashback: Chanel Allure Fragrance

30 Aug

Let me take you back to 1996. As I’m flipping through Seventeen  listening to Keith Sweat, I can’t help but notice an ad for the new Chanel fragrance Allure, which smells like the woman that I inspire to be. Confident, sexy and rich, all bottled up with a Chanel logo? Oh, how I wish to be 10 years older at the ripe age of 12.

Although I like practically every fragrance that Chanel has ever made, Allure speaks for itself. It’s the come hither of women’s perfumes. It’s warm, inviting…kind of an aversion to the grungy, cool, pissed off feel of the 90’s era. I guarantee you’ll (almost) feel like Yasmine Bleeth if you wear this.

Allure is available at Sephora.com

90’s Hip Hop Lady

28 Jul
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